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Pet Friendly Rooms


  • Bill & Tricia Clark
  • By: Bill & Tricia Clark


Bill Clark and Blondie

My family is made up of dog lovers—we all have them—and we travel with them frequently. So we know first- hand the problem finding a nice Inn that is pet friendly.

Bill Clark and Blondie In the past, we have had a policy at Clarks of no pets allowed. However, during the pandemic, we have developed our beautiful garden patio and it has become a favorite outside dining area—perfectly suitable for including pets. Allowing our guests to have the opportunity to dine in an area where pets are welcome and seeing that this can work successfully has encouraged us to also allow pets in our hotel.

Pet Friendly RoomsWe now offer a limited number of pet-friendly rooms, at Clark's Inn. For many years, we have heard our restaurant customers say “we love to dine here, but we have to stay at another hotel because we travel with our pet-- and you don’t allow them in the Inn”. So, we decided that now is the time to give it a try. Our property is large and has ample room for pets to run and play—and we know that our guests will be responsible and clean up after them. And that they will be conscious of the other guests and not let their pets become a problem. We will include a small pet fee as well as a requirement that guests agree to be monetarily responsible for any damage to our rooms that are caused by their pets. There will also be a weight, size, and the number of pets allowed.

Pet Friendly Rooms
We are excited to be adding this service to our property and hope that it will please our guests. Now many of you will have an even better reason for staying with us! We hope that this will be a welcome change for many of you and that you will visit more often and soon!

We hope to see you and your pet at Clark's very soon!

Bill and Patricia Clark

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